Snapshot with Progressive

Upon mentioning this device to clients, I get the remarks “I don’t want an insurance company invading my privacy” or “I don’t want the insurance company tracking me”.  This is not the case with this Snapshot from Progressive.

Snapshot is a plug in device that fits right under your steering column.  Through the device there is no way Progressive can track your whereabouts or invade your privacy.  This device is monitoring your “Hard Breaking”, not your speed or whether or not you are using your turn signals accurately.  The device is also monitoring how many miles you drive and if you drive during the hours of midnight and 4:00 a.m.  

The program is very easy and you can even monitor the progress of your driving and discounts online!  You simply contact your Progressive Agent and tell them you want to sign up for Progressive Auto with the Snapshot.  After your policy is in place you should receive your Snapshot device within 15 days.  Upon receipt of your device in the mail you should immediately plug it into your vehicle.  If you need assistance plugging in your device, your agent should be able to assist you.  Then, start saving!  Within the first 30 days of driving you should receive your first discount!  Keep the device plugged in though, as you will need to keep driving with it until Progressive sends you an email stating to send the device back.  Typically, you will send the device back after a full six months of driving.

Once Progressive has requested your device back you will be able to see what discount you will have applied to your policy for as long as you have the policy with Progressive.  Now, you might have to do it again in the future if Progressive asks you to.  But the good news is you could lock in up to 30% off your Auto insurance!

Make it fun!!  Have competitions in your household as who is the best driver, you will have proof now!! And for those young drivers, now you can educate them on what they are doing wrong in order to correct it and help them become better drivers!



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